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more planets from the planet factory


Imagine a world that was entirely like the Serengeti: this is Xhosa IV.


…just some drawin’s from me head…

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I have a new photo blog.  Take a peak and tell me what you think.  Cheers.blog_titledesign_parallaxis

When the Oceans drank Atlantis….

I’m in an Apocalyptic mood with a Gustave Dore twist…yet there will always be survivors…Enjoy.  ;p

The Fall of Atlantis

The Fall of Atlantis

Did you see the Being made of Light?

This abstract piece was inspired by a story I saw on the Today show on NBC this morning.  It was about a girl named Chelsy aged 14 who was dying in a Charlotte hospital.  The girl was removed from life support to be allowed to die when the hospital security cameras picked up a luminous image of light in a place with no windows.  The girl lived.  You can find more on the story here:  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/28365352#28365352

Merry Christmas and God bless you.  🙂


A Matron of Means

Just another test on that new technique….

Makes work faster….realizing I need to work on likeness and proper porportions a lot more.

a test of the new technique

a test of the new technique

A New Technique

I discovered a blog by a Chinese artist named Zhang Lu.  Here’s his link:  http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/indexlist_1228943350_3.html

The dude is amazing!!!  He can paint so well!  So I tried to incorporate some of the techniques from his tutorial flash animation.  I think I’m getting some good results.  It’s just test on a random photo I saw on google.  I thik it ain’t too bad.  I will be doing more experimentation with the technique. Here’s the test I did as well as a couple of examples of Zhang Lu’s work.  Awesome artist!  Cheers.