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A Harbinger of Light

This is another sketch done for that club I’m in….
This is an image of beings that I am always thankful to God that are on my side.


The Unleashing of Power Out of Mind

Another week and another post from that skecthclub. I must say that I really like being apart of it as it helps jog the imagination due to the topics that come up. Here’s this weeks image I painted up based on a photo. It is called The Storm Summoner.


This was done again for the sketchbook club I am apart of. The subject this past week was high school stereotypes. I figured I’d do an imaginary ad campaign for one of the big US networks about a new dark drama/supernatural series called “CLIQUE”. It would showing some key High School stereotypes all in a line up. Imagine? If anyone steals this Idea after viewing this blog…I promise…I’ll sue. 😀 Enjoy.

My attept at a Struzan…

In honor of the new release of the 4th Indi…
A poster like image of Indi J dealing with the legend of the lost army of Cambyses II…
50, 000 men drowned by an stormy windblown ocean of sand back in the time of Alexander the Great. Hitler in his quest for supernatural power to aid his world war conquest sifts the Sahara to raise up this army…allowing his darkness to choke the world…who helps the nazis in this quest are a long time student of Indi and a favored would-be son of Hitler. Man…I so wish I could get Spielberg in on this one…(chuckle) Enjoy…

Terribly Haunted by that which I’ve done

This piece follows through the on going love I have of Antiquity and the Middle Ages. It is about a tired battle-worn Crusader finally returning home to the winters of Northern Europe. He’s cold and drained and as the title says: “terribly haunted by that which I’ve done”. He wonders if he can be free of the abominable sins he committed in the name of God…can he find himself again…can he obtain absolutions for his crimes of war? None can say ’til he has, in due season, shuffled of this mortal coil and entertains the dreams that follow…

A Juggling and Darkly Dreaming Djinn

Hello all. This is the first post in a long time. From all the way down in Australia! Wow…still can’t believe I am here in Sydney. It is a blessing that’s for sure. I am warming up to do that skecthclub group I am linked with which is headed by a guy named David Stodolny. He’s a cool dude. Anyway, this upcoming week’s theme was a from a photo taken by another group member. It was of a fire juggler in Montreal, I believe, my ol’ stomping grounds. Man do I miss my hometown. Anyway, here’s the image created from that inspiration. It’s called “A Juggling and Darkly Dreaming Djinn”… enjoy!